John 11:43-44
“When he had said this, Jesus called in a loud voice “Lazarus! Come out!” The dead man came out…”  
This miracle of Jesus seems almost incidental. Jesus never laid hands on him, never prayed for him. He never even commanded Lazarus to come back to life! What did he do? Jesus commanded him to ‘come out’, and every other part of the situation supernaturally shifted, in order that the command of Jesus would be fulfilled.  
There are times in my life that Christ will command something of me which is impossible–whether because I lack the strength, or because the physical realities of the world prevent it. Either way, something has to ‘give’–something has to yield to the command of God. This means I have no excuse–because if God has commanded something of me, then the very laws of nature will surrender in order to enable the thing which God has commanded. This week, I need to obey Christ completely and without excuses. He has empowered me to do what He commands, the only thing left is for me to obey.
God, thank you for this reminder that You alone have all authority–over life, over death, and over nature itself. Thank you for empowering me to do the things which you command! Help me to clearly hear your voice, and give me the resolve to follow your ways, your commands, and your desires.