Absalom sought acclaim, but David walked in anointing.
2 Samuel 15:1,17
“After this Absalom got himself a chariot and horses, and fifty men to run before him.”
“…and the king went out, and all the people after him…”
Such a contrast is shown between David and Absalom! Absalom was not anointed by God, but searched out people to ‘run before him’ to be his heralds and announce his presence. David sought no heralds to go before him, but ‘all the people’ followed after him…because the anointing of God was on him.
Absalom sought acclaim, David walked in anointing.
This wasn’t the first time that David had made the long walk out of the palace into the wilderness. The first time had been as he ran from Saul–with no entourage to accompany him. Now he was making the same trek again: with more followers this time, but with the same heart of a humble shepherd instead of kingly arrogance.
There is strength, walking in the anointing of God. This strength doesn’t rely on public opinion, or a marketing campaign, or self-aggrandizement. It doesn’t require palace walls, rather it is equally at home in a wilderness cave. It cannot be bought or purchased–only humbly accepted, and gratefully received.
Walking in anointing is not always easy or comfortable, but it does have the power to change the world.
This week I need to seek, accept, and walk in the anointing of God.
God, thank you for the anointing of your spirit! May I always seek your anointing, rather than earthly acclaim and recognition. Keep my heart humble, and may you be glorified through every season of my life–including the wilderness moments.

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