Job 6:2-3
“If only my anguish could be weighed and all my misery be placed on the scales! It would surely outweigh the sand of the seas–no wonder my words have been impetuous!” 
Job was in agony. His pain was intense, his grief was deep. His friends heard his impetuous words, but they really didn’t understand the depth of his anguish. His friends responded to his impetuous words, but what Job needed was for them to hear the anguish of his heart. 
I have felt like Job at times–when my heart was too raw for the filter on my mouth to work properly. I have had those moments when talking to friends, when they heard my words but missed what my heart was trying to say.
I want to hear people’s hearts. When their words are rough and unpolished, or even impetuous–I want to listen beyond the words being said, to hear the heart behind them.
This week, I need to speak a little less, and listen a little more. I need to listen for the purpose of hearing and understanding, instead of listening to occupy my time until I have a chance to jump in and respond. I need to pray for God to help me understand the heart, and not merely the words. 
God, thank you for hearing me! Not just hearing the words I say, but also the state of my heart. Help me to listen that way also. Help me to listen fast, and speak slow. When people’s words to me are rough or impetuous, help me to care enough to listen past the words to hear what their heart is trying to say. 

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