Psalm 111:4-5
“He has caused his wonders to be remembered; the Lord is gracious and compassionate. He provides food for those who fear him; He remembers his covenant forever.” 
Amidst all the judgement and destruction we’ve been reading in Ezekiel and Revelation, this psalm stands in contrast as a reminder of the compassion of the Lord, and of his grace. He takes his covenant with us seriously! …and he expects us to do the same. 
This passage gives me so much hope and confidence. God went to extreme lengths to establish his covenant with me, and he will go to extreme lengths to uphold it. When he pours out his blessings on me, he remembers his covenant. When he disciplines me, he remembers his covenant. Though my attention span is short and my heart is imperfect, his covenant lasts forever and his heart toward me is full of grace and compassion. How could I ever reject that?! How could I ever want to do anything but the things that will please him? I choose to remember my covenant with God. Not merely to avoid his anger, but to express my love for the God who chose to love me.
God, thank you for your covenant with me, and thank you that you are unchanging. Thank you for being gracious and compassionate to me! I choose today, and commit every day, to also take my covenant with you seriously. Not merely out of fear…but because you love me, and I love you. 

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