Ezekiel 14:21
“This is what the Sovereign Lord says: “How much worse will it be when I send against Jerusalem my four dreadful judgments – sword and famine and wild beasts and plague – to kill its men and their animals!” 
We rarely talk about God’s judgement, without also talking about his mercy. These chapters are heavy on judgement, and light on mercy. Even the limited mercy that we do see, seems to exist solely for the purpose of vindicating God’s judgement! 
The wages of sin is death. Always has been, always will be. God hates sin. Always has, always will.
These chapters are a sobering reminder to me, to take sin seriously. We walk in God’s grace, covered by the blood of the lamb – but that doesn’t mean that we should treat sin casually, or lightly. I can only understand the scale of God’s mercy, when I glimpse the true force of his judgement.
This week, I need to see things from God’s perspective. I need to hate sin. I need to detest ungodliness. I need to get serious about submitting myself to his lordship. Only by seeing things from his perspective, can I truly appreciate all that he has done for me.
God, thank you for your holiness! Thank you that there is not even the smallest measure or hint of corruption or impurity in you. Help me to treat sin as seriously as you do. Help me to take seriously your judgement and your grace. Help me to understand the unfathomable blessing of your patience and your mercy toward me! Help me to love you enough in return to make decisions that honor you- and never take Calvary for granted. 

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