Our private reality, must match our public declarations.

Exodus 28:36-37, 42
“You shall make a plate of pure gold and engrave on it, like the engraving of a signet, “Holy to the Lord.” And you shall fasten it on the turban by a cord of blue. It shall be on the front of the turban.”
“You shall make for them linen undergarments to cover their naked flesh. They shall reach from the hips to the thighs…”
The priestly garments of Aaron and his sons must have been an amazing sight! The gold…the jewels…the glitter…the glamor…and there on the front of the turban where it couldn’t be missed, was a gold tablet engraved to remind the whole community that Aaron was set apart for God.
Equally important as the golden tablet though, was the linen underwear made to accompany it. The golden tablet was to be a public statement, the underwear was a private reminder. Not only was Aaron’s public persona to be dedicated to God–his private life was to equally belong to the Lord.
God has called me to be salt and light to the earth. He has called me to testify to His greatness, and to be an ambassador of Christ for the world to see. I must let that light shine for him, boldly and confidently modelling a life set apart to God. So also must my private life reflect this same truth. The hidden places of my heart must be surrendered to Him just as fully as the parts of my life that others see. This week, I choose to wear the complete ‘matched set’ of garments so that every part of me would reflect my Lord and Savior. I choose to not only make public statements–but also set private reminders.
God, thank you for loving me! Help me to daily live a life that is set apart for your glory–not hiding my public witness, but boldly proclaiming your truth. Not merely portraying a public image, but fully surrendering my heart to your will. May every part of my life be set apart to you, and pleasing in your sight!

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