Acts 7:22,27
“Moses was educated in all the wisdom of the Egyptians and was powerful in speech and action.”
“But the man who was mistreating the other pushed Moses aside and said, “Who made you ruler and judge over us?” 
What a contrast between the words of Acts 7:22, and the response that Moses gave to God when he was called from the burning bush! Acts describes Moses as being ‘powerful in speech and action’, yet Moses describes himself to God in Exodus 4:10 as being “slow of speech and tongue”, and not eloquent.
What happened? What caused the Moses who was raised in Pharaoh’s court to be a leader, and was powerful in speech and action, to become the fearful, hesitant, reluctant man that we see in Exodus 4?  It seems to be a result of the words from the Hebrew men after he killed the Egyptian: “Who made you ruler and judge over us?”
Though God had begun to prepare Moses to lead the Hebrew nation, he was still human and imperfect. He still made mistakes, still made foolish decisions from time to time. Instead of giving him room to grow, the Hebrew men cut him down with their words and their attitude…creating a deep-rooted hesitancy and uncertainty in the heart of Moses.
People make bad decisions…it’s just a fact. As I pour my heart into developing the leaders God has placed under my care, their humanity will display itself from time to time–just as I show my own humanity and imperfection in my life.
My response in these moments can determine the long-term result. I can use the opportunity to help people grow, develop, and mature…or I can lash out at them, criticize their lack of wisdom, and create a root of doubt and uncertainty in their heart which may take decades for God to heal.
God’s desire is not that bad decisions or unwise behavior would be covered up and ignored, but rather that we would each learn from the decisions we make–and keep growing forward into the calling for which He created each of us.
This week I must choose to see beyond people’s flaws and imperfections, to glimpse the possibilities and potential inside of them–then help them grow through the mistakes into the identity for which God created them.
 God, thank you for loving me despite my own bad decisions! Thank you for helping me to grow, and for your patience as I develop into the person you created me to be! Help me to extend that same grace to others, even when their own humanity and imperfection is on display. Help me to see beyond the flaws, to see the potential that you have placed inside of them. Help me to care enough, to help them grow through their worst decisions.

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