David’s kingdom and all of his tasks needed attention–but none of those things would ultimately matter if he neglected the presence of God.

1 Chronicles 16:7
“Then on that day David first appointed that thanksgiving be sung to the LORD by Asaph and his brothers.”
David was a busy guy! He had a kingdom to rule, government agencies to manage, armies to lead, enemies to conquer, and all of the million tasks that will suck up the time of a leader. Among all the busyness though, David took time to welcome the presence of God and establish a ‘praise priority’. There were many great leaders who answered to David, but this task was so vital that it could not be delegated. David personally oversaw the formation of a team of qualified ‘worship leaders’ and musicians who were responsible to minister before the Lord, and David personally took time to establish the ‘tone’ of their worship by writing the anthem of praise that they would sing.
The kingdom and all of its tasks needed attention–but none of those things would ultimately matter if they neglected the presence of God.
“Task lists expand to fill all available time.” I don’t know who first coined the phrase, but it is true. No matter the season, there are always enough tasks to fill my day and then some. Some of them are important, some of them less-so. But none of them will matter in eternity, if I neglect the presence of my Savior.
This week, I need to take some time to value the presence of God. In my home, I need to reaffirm the importance of personal devotions–not just by myself, but also devotions with my family. I need to make sure that I am just as adamant about making time to worship together, as I am about getting the dishes washed and the toys picked up off the floor.
In the teams and processes at New Hope, I need to be personally invested in setting a ‘praise priority’–not just completing tasks, but inviting, valuing, seeking, and savoring the presence of God. I need to make sure that I’m not so busy ‘delegating’ urgent necessities, that I ‘abdicate’ the most important responsibilities that God has given me.
God, thank you for this reminder of the importance of a ‘praise priority’. You are worthy of my praise! Help me not to get so caught up in urgent tasks, that I forget about the most important things–and may I never make anything more important in my life, than spending time in your presence.

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