The constant change used to frustrate me. I would invest time into a team member, pour my heart into them, watch them grow, and then…poof! They would be on to the next big adventure, and I’d be left trying to fill the remaining void. It was frustrating to put that much effort into someone, and then watch their next leader reap the benefits of the groundwork that I had laid. It can be easy at moments like this to let negativity win the day, and prevent you from investing in someone that you know has real potential, because they won’t be around long enough to make it ‘worth it’.

I get it. We want to build teams that last, and raise up leaders that are in it for the long haul. We want to maximize our time as leaders, and get the best return on our investment of time in our team. Here’s the thing: It’s not your team!

It’s not your team!

Every person on your team, is on loan. You don’t own them, and you don’t own their talent. Sooner or later they will outgrow their position, quit their position, or die of old age. However it happens, they WILL part ways with you. The real question is, what difference will you make in their life while you have the chance?

For me, this changes the equation. Yes, I still prioritize my time. Yes, I’m still strategic with those that I put into key positions. But now I choose to be grateful for every team member under my care, no matter how long or short their tenure may be. God knows what (and who) I need in order to fulfill the things that He has called me to do for today, and these are the people that He has seen fit to loan to me for this season. I may have them for a year, I may have them for a decade…or I may have them just for this week. Either way I choose to be grateful for their presence, and I choose to lead them well.

God knows what (and who) I need in order to fulfill the things that He has called me to do for today

So I ask you: Who is on loan to you? Are you leading them well? Are you ready to celebrate their next season when you part ways?