God’s love for me has no limit!

1 Corinthians 13:7
“Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.” 
God’s love is a constant. Everything else may be moving, changing, succeeding, or failing, and yet love (real, genuine, Godly love) remains constant. “Never”…”always”…”every”…these descriptions are absolute, and without limit. This is a description of the scale of God’s love for me, and the kind of love that he desires me to show to those around me. 
The world operates on calculations of limits.
“How much current can this wire carry before it melts?”
“How much weight can this beam support before it breaks?”
“How far can my truck go when the gas light is illuminated, before the engine sputters to a halt?”
God’s love doesn’t work like this! He doesn’t love me until I reach His limit–He simply keeps loving me! His love for me is unending, faithful, hopeful, and enduring.
Christ has called me to love others in the same way. My own love is often limited, sometimes runs low on faith and hope, and does not always endure. I must receive and accept Christ’s love in my life, so that my understanding of love can grow and my capacity to love can be increased. 
God, thank you for your limitless love!
Thank you that your love is unending, faithful, hopeful, and enduring. Help me to truly accept your amazing love into the core of my being–to grasp and understand its magnitude, and let it increase my own capacity to love, as I am transformed daily to be more like you. 

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