Jeremiah 22:15-16
“Does it make you a king to have more and more cedar? Did not your father have food and drink? He did what was right and just, so all went well with him. He defended the cause of the poor and needy, and so all went well. Is that not what it means to know me?” declares the Lord. 
Knowing God is more than just head knowledge about God. Knowing God means that my heart is burdened by the things that weigh on God’s heart. It means that His motivations become my motivations, His goals become my goals, and His purposes become my purposes. I cannot truly claim to know God, if I am unmoved by the things which move Him. 
In my walk with God, I need to go beyond simply spending time learning “about” Him, and also spend time “with” Him–listening to the things that are on His mind, and the topics that are on His heart. If I truly know God, then it should show in my daily decision. Not just in the things that I “can do” or “shouldn’t do”, but also in the things that I “purpose” to do, and desire to accomplish. If my heart is in sync with my savior, then someone else’s life should be affected for the better, when my day is done. 
Lord, teach me your heart! I want to know you–not just cognitively, but in true relationship. I want to care about the things that you care about, and let your motivations also motivate me. May people know more about you, by watching the decisions I make, and actions I take.