Today’s SOAP devotional is brought to you by James Begley.

1 Samuel 3:18
“So Samuel told him everything, hiding nothing from him. Then Eli said, “He is the Lord; let him do what is good in his eyes.” 
What else could Eli say really? He knew what he and his boys had done. Its interesting that God spoke against him and his family but he continued to be an acting priest. I can imagine little Samuel laying there after hearing the words of the Lord and knowing that he was going to have to tell the guy who was his leader/mentor. How scary and nerve wracking a night that must have been. I can also imagine Eli laying there knowing God was talking to Samuel, maybe thinking “is the Lord talking about me? my sons?” I bet Eli’s night was not very restful either. 
Justice comes for us all. What is done in the dark will be revealed in the light. God will judge us all and when we are watching people sin and hurt others, we can rest easy knowing that God is also watching. He is justice but He is also merciful so that we need to watch ourselves and not judge the judgement of the Lord. I enjoy the maturity of Eli’s statement. Let Him do what is good in His eyes is right. We are the clay, He is the potter and all that. There is something honorable about accepting justice. It seems to be rare these days and I’m here for it.  
Lord help me to see things as they really are. Thank you that you are just and firm as well as kind and loving. I respect that about you and you have given me eyes that can see that and appreciate it. Help guide my path so that I can be stand up and honorable for you. Your ways are the right ways, your paths are the best paths.

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