Daniel 5:17
“Then Daniel answered the king, “you may keep your gifts for yourself and give your rewards to someone else. Nevertheless, I will read the writing for the king and tell him what it means.” 
Daniel had not had an easy path in life. God had shown him favor, but he was still the bird in the gilded cage. He was still exiled from his home, still in captivity, and still not in control of his own destiny. When Belshazzar offered him rewards to read what was written, there must have been a moment of temptation to negotiate. “Tell you what, king–make me the SECOND highest ruler in the land instead of third, and let me return home–and THEN I’ll read the writing!”  Instead, Daniel’s response shows tremendous peace and humility. “Thanks king, but I’m good. No worries about rewards, I’ll just read what’s written for you and then go back to what I was doing before you summoned me.”
Daniel made zero effort to manipulate the situation for his own benefit, but simply trusted that God was going to accomplish something through his situation. The result was that God’s name was glorified to the entire known world.
I want to have this kind of “God-first” mentality in life. Whether my season is easy or hard, I want to stay ready to point people back to God instead of campaigning for my own benefit. God alone deserves our focus and our attention. Whether I receive rewards or not, I want to be available for God to use. Whether I receive recognition or not, I want God to be recognized.
This week, I need to listen and watch for doors that God is opening. Not for what I can get out of it, but for what God wants to accomplish through it. 
God, may you be glorified in my life today. Help me to seek first to follow you, instead of seeking reward and recognition. 

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