‘The hand of the Lord was on me, and he brought me out by the Spirit of the Lord and set me in the middle of a valley; it was full of bones. ‘ Ezekiel 37:1 
The hand of God was on Ezekiel, and Ezekiel followed where God was leading him. The place that God led him to, was a valley full of bones. There are seasons in life when the Spirit of God will lead us into places of dryness, and even to be surrounded by signs of death. The purpose of these seasons is not for Him to abandon us in a place of death, but for God to demonstrate His power by bringing life to dead places.
I don’t like dry seasons. I don’t like walking through valleys, surrounded by dry bones. I would far rather take a stroll through the green pastures, where life is abundant everywhere I turn. I would rather hike through the valley, where the stream is overhung by towering trees and the air buzzes with the quiet whisper of nature.
But God doesn’t just want me to see what he has already done. He wants me to witness what He is doing now. He wants me to experience His miraculous power in my world.  The old quote says “Everyone wants a miracle…but no one wants to need one”.  There are times that God will allow me to walk through a valley of death, so that I can experience His infinite power in bringing life to dead situations.
This week, I need to look for God’s presence in dead situations. In the places that are too far gone for me to solve, and too big for me to handle–those are the places where God is preparing to show up the most powerfully.
God, thank you for your presence in my life. Help me to trust you when I’m walking through a dry valley, surrounded by signs of death–help me to remain confident in You, that Your power is more than sufficient to solve the greatest problem and bring light to the darkest situation.
Thank you for being on-time, and for proving yourself strong over and over again. You are awesome! 

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