Jeremiah 26:23-24
“They brought Uriah out of Egypt and took him to King Jehoiakim, who had him struck down with a sword and his body thrown into the burial place of the common people. Furthermore, Ahikam son of Shaphan supported Jeremiah, and so he was not handed over to the people to be put to death.” 
Uriah and Jeremiah were both given the same word from God, both obeyed, and both were in danger for their obedience. Uriah regarded God enough to obey him, but he didn’t trust God with the outcome. He fled to Egypt to save his own life, and was killed regardless. Jeremiah also obeyed, but he trusted God with the outcome and remained in Jerusalem–and God protected him. 
It’s easy to slip into the same mistake that Uriah made. “OK God–I’ll obey You! …and now I’ve gotta figure out how to make this all work out.” If I trust God enough to obey him, then I need to trust him enough to leave the results in His hands. Anything else shows that my trust is not truly in the Lord. God did not need Pharaoh to save Uriah. Daniel did not require a can of mace to survive the lion’s den, and the disciples did not need a life raft in order to ride out the storm. The same God who holds my past and my present, also holds my future.
God, help me to hear you clearly, and obey you boldly. Help me to trust you fully, with confidence that you are great enough to handle the outcome of every situation if I walk in step with you.
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