Acts 14:26-27
“From Attalia they sailed back to Antioch where they had been committed to the grace of God for the work they had now completed. On arriving there, they gathered the church together and reported all that God had done through them and how He had opened a door of faith to the Gentiles.” 
Just 7 verses prior, the Jews from Antioch were inciting a riot and stoning Paul in an attempt to kill him and silence the gospel. Now here Paul is, traveling straight back to the home town of the men who tried to kill him. His courage amazes me, but it goes even deeper than just courage-because when he got there, the thing he talked about was not the suffering and injustice he had endured, but rather the goodness and greatness of God. Paul never denied or minimized his suffering or trials–but the thing that occupied his mind was the goodness of God.
What occupies my mind? Life takes twists and turns, but what is the thing that I can’t wait to tell people? Am I looking for an opportunity to glorify God, or am I just itching for an opportunity to air my grievances and share my offenses to anyone who will listen?
This week, I choose to proclaim the greatness of God. 
God, thank you for this reminder that my purpose is to proclaim your glory and lift your name high. Teach me through the hard seasons, and help me to keep this all about you–instead of trying to make life all about me. 

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